Miner in Gotham

On September 14, 2023, TDS Consultants organized a Miner Family Winery tasting lunch at Gotham Bar & Grill, where winery owner Dave Miner presented the recent vintages of his award-winning Napa selections to some of NYC's top wine buyers. The Miner wines were paired perfectly with Chef Ron Paprocki's innovative cuisine.

 Tre Bicchieri Celebration

On the evening of March 10, 2023, winemakers Diego Cusumano of Alta Mora and Cusumano Winery, and Alessandro Ruspoli of Tenuta di Lilliano, presented their Tre Bhicchieri Award-winning wines at Chef Tom Colicchio's Valatta Restaurant. Chef Colicchio's team prepared a gratifying four-course menu to showcase these sensational wines. The range of wines from Cusumano Salealto and Alta Mora Etna Rosso to the classical Lilliano Gran Selezione, demonstrated again, the continued quality of Italian wines as well as their place of honor with the top wines of the world.

The ardent crowd embraced each wine and food pairing, as the restaurant was filled with energy and buoyancy. A another celebration of wine, food, and dedication! Salute!

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A League of Its Own

On March 8, 2023, wine and food lovers of the prestigious Penn Club gathered for a wine dinner featuring some of the award-winning wines by Cusumano. Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico kicked off the festivities. Winery owner Diego Cusumano made a special appearance to discuss the wines selected for the evening. From Black Truffle Polenta, Cavatelli "fra diavolo", to the Bistecca Florentina, each course was paired perfectly with the Sicilian gems produced by the Cusumano Estate. It was Old School Tie meets Sicily. Bravo!

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12th Annual Fall Frolic
Wine Tasting & Dinner

On October 3,2022, il Gattopardo in midtown Manhattan was packed with wine & food enthusiasts for our 12th Annual Fall Frolic Wine Tasting & Dinner. This sold-out event began with TDS Portfolio Wine Tasting of the latest vintages of Nino Franco, Cusumano, Peter Zemmer, Tenuta di Lilliano, Paolo e Noemia d'Amico, and Miner Family Winery. The delicious hors d'oeuvres served by the il Gattopardo staff were perfect compliment to these elegant wines.

Dinner was an ode to Sicily, featuring the bold and flavorsome wines of Alta Mora. Each course, prepared by talented Chef Vito Gnazzo, was perfectly paired with these extraordinary Mount Etna wines by Tony DiDio. From the Etna Bianco, Rosso, to the single-vineyard Feudo di Mezzo and Guardiola, the wines evoke Sicily and their home on Mt. Etna. Each wine expressed mineral qualities with a freshness and vibrant acidity.  A perfect storm of delectable flavors showcasing the versatility of Alta Mora wines.

It was a night of fun, great food and over the top wines.

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Back to Celebration with
Three Cheering Glasses

After a two-year absence caused by the pandemic dining restrictions and safety precautions, our annual Tre Bicchieri Dinner made a celebratory return on February 25, 2022.

With a sold-out crowd of winelovers, our 10th Annual Tre Bicchieri Dinner took place at Oceans Restaurant, one of the hot venues in town. The stars of the evening are no doubt the award-winning wines from Cusumano, Peter Zemmer, and Tenuta di Lilliano. Nino Franco Prosecco was also selected for the cocktail hour.

The chefs at Oceans created a delicious menu to pair with these top quality wines. From fish crudo to short ribs, each course highlights the unique features of the wines.

It was a celebration to the return of normalcy. We toast to health, our friends and families. And to the award-winning wines that brought us all together!

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Award Night in Chelsea

The frigid temperature on February 28, 2020 did not faze any of the enthusiastic crowd who attended our sold-out 10th Annual Tre Bicchieri Wine Dinner at Portale restaurant. This year, we are celebrating the award-winning wines of Alta Mora, Cusumano and Tenuta di Lilliano. Co-hosting this event was Alessandro Ruspoli, owner-winemaker of renowned family Estate Lilliano.

Master chef Alfred Portale created an exquisite 4-course feast which perfectly paired each of these Tre Bicchieri Award-winning wines.

As the night progressed, this wine & food celebration quickly turned into one of the hottest events in town! Cheers!

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When Napa Meets Italy

On the rain soaked evening of September 25, 2018, our 10th Annual Fall Frolic Tasting & Wine Dinner took place at Frankies 457. The wines from the entire TDS Portfolio were tasted by the enthusiastic crowd of food and wine aficionados. 

On this milestone year, Miner Family Winemaker Gary Brookman brought Brooklyn some California sunshine, as a selection of fine wines from this dynamic family-owned winery were featured during a four-course feast. Gary conducted a doctoral on pairing Californian wines with Italian cuisine. An ambitious challenge, but a delicious outcome.

Judging by the smiling faces and sound bite in the packed dining room, this is another successful event for TDS, and a memorable night for the wine and food lovers.

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3 Glasses for 3 Winners

wine dinner, Tony DiDio

On March 2, 2018, as a vicious Nor'easter pounded the East coast with heavy wind, rain and snow, TDS and Porter House NYC presented our 7th Annual Tre Bicchieri Dinner in honor of three winners of the prestigious awards for Italian wines.

Winemakers/Owners Peter Zemmer, Federico Terenzi  from their namesake wineries and Maria Leone from Cusumano brought Italian warmth and sunshine to this otherwise damp and cold Friday evening in New York City.

Chef Michael Lomonaco's exquisite dinner menu paired well with each of the award-winning wines, as three of our Italian wine stars talked about the history of their wineries and the wines chosen for this special event.

It might still feel like Winter, but Spring is already in full session at our celebratory dinner for these deserving award winners.

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Harmony Italian Style

wine dinner, Tony DiDio

On the evening of Jan. 17, 2018, a "Meatball Buffet" was presented at the prestigious Harmonie Club, featuring 5 Italian wines from the TDS Portfolio.

With New York- style Italian cuisines as inspirations, Chef Thomas Piede prepared an array of antipasti, pastas, entrees and yes, some delicious meatballs. Tony DiDio paired this incredible feast with Cusumano Syrah and Nero d'Avola, Peter Zemmer "Punggl" Pinot Bianco, d'Amico "Noe" Orvieto and Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico.

The weather outside did not discourage the crowd from attending this marvelous event, dish after dish, glass after glass.

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Holiday Wine Pairing

wine party, Tony DiDio

Pairing wines with a typical Thanksgiving dinner can be daunting when side dishes, both sweet and savory, are served simultaneously. On Nov. 21, 2017, Tony DiDio sat down with Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes, hosts of Fox 5's award-winning show "Good Day New York", to talk about ways to simplify this seemingly difficult task. Tony selected 5 "versatile" wines from Foxen, d'Amico, Nino Franco, Terenzi and Miner Family that will go well with the mixed flavors on the Thanksgiving table. A good way to start the Holiday season! Happy Holidays!

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Fall, in Love with Bubbles

wine dinner, Tony DiDio

The threat of high winds and heavy rain of Hurricane Jose did not dampen the passion of the crowd who attended our sold-out 9th Annual "Fall Frolic" Tasting & Wine Dinner on Sept. 19, 2017.

As usual, this grand annual wine and food fest offered our guests the opportunity to taste an array of wines in the TDS Portfolio, from Napa Valley to Mt. Etna.  This year, Primo Franco,  Winemaker & Owner of Nino Franco Prosecco hosted our post-tasting wine dinner by talking about the history of his family's iconic Veneto Estate, as well as the Nino Franco wines featured throughout the dinner.

The four-course feast prepared by chefs at Frankies 457 took on a new dimension this year, with the pairing of all sparkling wines. The result proved to each guest that Prosecco is not only good as an aperitif, but also a versatile wine that can be paired with an entire meal.

While Hurricane Jose hardly left any marks on New York City, the beautiful wines showcased throughout this high spirited night definitely left a long lasting impression on the exuberant crowd.

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Definitely Peter Zemmer

wine dinner, Tony DiDio

On the evening of April 26, 2017, Ristorante Morini was magically transformed into a rousing Italian trattoria, this side of Alto Adige.

Peter Zemmer, the third generation Winemaker/Owner of Peter Zemmer Winery, presented a selection of wines from his celebrated portfolio, including the newly-released Pinot Grigio "Giatl" 2014 Riserva. Paired perfectly with a special 4-course menu by Chef Arthur lee, the wines sang out.

From the first Pinot Grigio to the last Pinot Noir, the Zemmer wines tell a beautiful story of their origin and terroir. Influenced by the majestic Dolomite Mountains, the Zemmer wines displayed freshness, honesty and balance. Together they bring the natural landscape and beauty of Alto Adige to an enthusiastic crowd of wine lovers.


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Phenomenal Miner Dinner

wine party, Tony DiDio

On the evening of March 28, 2017, Winemaker Stacy Vogel of Miner Family Winery conducted a Napa valley celebration with a fine selection of Miner wines at Ritz Carlton New York, Central Park.

As part of the successful "Phenomenal Femmes" Wine Dinner series at the hotel's Auden Bistro, Stacy presented six Miner wines, paired to perfection by Wine Director Marika Vida Arnold. From Viognier to The Oracle, Miner Family's flagship wine, the enthusiastic audience was awed by the depth of flavors and nuance of each wine selection. Stacy proved once again that in the New World, Napa is still king. And Miner definitely has a place in the realm of great wines. 

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Grand Opera of
Wine & Food

wine party, Tony DiDio

On February 10, 2017, while the entire New York City was dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm, Porter House was warmed up by the celebration of two Italian winemakers and their Tre Bicchieri Award-winning wines. Diego Cusumano from Sicily and Federico Terenzi from Tuscany presented their most impressive wines to a cordial and attentive crowd.

Chef Michael Lomonaco's Tuscan/Sicilian inspired menu hit the high notes when paired with these epic wines. Winemakers Diego and Federico were warmly received by the enthusiastic crowd during the four-course Italian feast. With outside temperature falling below freezing point, this grand opera of wine and food surely turned Porter House into the hottest spot in town.

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A Good Day in New York

wine party, Tony DiDio

On November 23, 2016, Tony DiDio appeared on Thanksgiving Special of Fox 5's award-winning show "Good Day New York".  Sitting down with Hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly and other guests, Tony presented a few selected budget-friendly wines for the Holidays. He also talked about pairing those festive dishes with the right wines. A good day to usher in the Holiday Season. Cheers!

A True Fall Frolic

wine party, Tony DiDio

The weather could not be better and the wines won over the crowd, as TDS celebrated its 8th Annual Fall Frolic Portfolio Tasting & Dinner on September 22, 2016, the first day of Autumn.

Guests got the chance to taste all wines, many of which new releases, from wineries in the TDS Portfolio.The tasting was followed by a wine dinner featuring wines from Foxen Vineyard & Winery and Terenzi Winery, two new members to TDS. Dick Doré of Foxen and Federico Terenzi of Terenzi led commentaries on the wines chosen for this sold-out dinner.

Each course was paired with a Old World (Terenzi) and a New World (Foxen) wine. The chemistry of these wonderful wines not only dazzled the crowd, but also added another dimention to this magical night at Frankies 457.

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A Ramble in Tribeca

wine party, Tony DiDio

An unexpected late-night storm on June 27, 2016 did not dampen the festive mood inside Racines NY, where our 7th Annual Late Night Ramble took place. This year's theme: Pork Pinot and Prosecco drew many of the young professionals in the wine community. The wines selected from the TDS portfolio were embraced by this energetic group of wine connoisseurs. It might be pouring cats and dogs outside. But inside Racines NY, something more magical were poured, savored and shared. Salute to summer!

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Mad About Cusumano

On the evening of May 18, 2016, Winemaker Diego Cusumano cast a spell on Ristorante Morini on Madison Avenue.

During the four-course dinner, Diego presented four indigenous wines from his family's estate outside of Palermo. Chef Michael White's team put a Sicilian spin on each course, that paired and complimented every wine. From the Cusumano Insolia to the refreshing Moscato della Zucco, there was not a dull moment for this fun evening. Thanks to the delicious Cusumano wines, guests truly got a taste of Sicily. Salute Sicilia!

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d'Amico Wines Impress NYC

On April 22, 2016, the d'Amico winery debuted a collection of their stunning wines, made with grapes grown in volcanic soil. A special wine dinner at the Columbus Club in NYC, marked winemaker Guillaume Gelly's presentation of d'Amico wines to a group of sophisticated wine lovers. The crowd listened attentively as Mr. Gelly explained the provenance and content of each wines, as well as a description of this breathtaking Estate. These organic and elegant wines from Lazio and Umbria, were the perfect match for Chef John Boden's creative cuisine, paired by Tony DiDio.  

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Wine & Food Sing in Harmonie

On March 24, 2016, the elegant dining room at the Harmonie Club was magically transformed into a grand trattoria for their Italian Wine Dinner featuring six wines from six different regions of Italy: Baracchi, Cusumano, D'Amico, Nino Franco and Peter Zemmer. Opera singers were brought in to set the tone for this wonderful culinary gala. It was true "Harmonie", as each dish prepared by Chef Thomas Piede's cucina sang a high note, paired with the exquisite wine selections. A night to savor! 

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Miner Got Game

"Turtle lollipops anyone?" As you walk into Henry's End Restaurant on the evening of March 1, 2016, this might be the first thing you hear. It was their Wild Game Dinner featuring selected wines of Miner Family Winery. The five-course dinner was a symphony of flavors as Tony DiDio matched each wild game dish with a wildly sensational Miner wine. From ostrich potstickers to elk chops, from Sauvignon Blanc to the Oracle, a harmonious tune was sung throughout the night. It was wild!

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Singing Sicilian
on Stage Left

On February 10, 2016, Winemaker Diego Cusumano brought warmth and great wines from his Sicilian Estate to Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

This "Pantheon of American Cuisine" embraced the Cusumano wines and created a menu that complimented these Sicilian treasures. The special event began with guests sampling six selections of Cusumano wines, followed by a four-course dinner that was highlighted by Cusumano Cru wines produced on their versatile and fertile land in Sicily. Belissimo!

Night at the Museum

A crisp Fall night on Oct.5, 2015 brought out our friends in the food and wine industry to the Late Night Ramble at Untitled Restaurant at The Whitney Museum. This has been our sixth year to present this special event designed to fit the working schedule of many in the food and wine trade. This year we were fortunate to have Winemakers Primo Franco of Nino Franco Prosecco, Diego Cusumano of Cusumano Winery and Jason Gardine of Hanzell Vineyards to pour their special wines for the guests, who got the chance to taste all the wines in the TDS Portfolio while mingling and networking with their colleagues in the business. What could be better than that?

Awesome Autumn

A beautiful Autumn Moon beamed over the garden at Frankies 457 on September 28, 2015, as we presented our 7th Annual Portfolio Tasting & Dinner. Each of our Portfolio winery showed its best wines to a sold-out crowd of wine and food lovers.

Baracchi and D'Amico wineries were the featured wines at this year's dinner. Importer Peter Baedecker presided over the four-course dinner, introducing each wine with stories of their origins. Each wine sang a high note and carefully paired to each dish by Tony DiDio. Mathew La Sorsa of Heights Chateau, contributed a color commentary of the wines, which added to the nuamce of this magical night.

Perfect Prosecco

On the evening of June 24, 2015 at Costata Restaurant, Winemaker and Owner Primo Franco of Nino Franco Winery, presided over a Wine Dinner in his honor. The guests were first poured to Primo's iconic Rustico Prosecco during reception. Afterwards, Primo paired each of the four courses with a different "single vineyard" Prosecco. Rare to the world of sparkling wines, each "single vineyard" Prosecco showed intense flavors, depth and typicity, and paired well with the exquisite dishes prepared by Chef Michael White's team. A bubbly night indeed!  

Columbus Discovers Cusumano

On April 22, 2015, over 90 members of the prestigious Columbus Club gathered for a special wine dinner featuring wines of the Cusumano Winery. Owner/Winemaker Diego Cusumano sprinkled some Sicilian magic and warmth throughout the dinner. Starting with his citrus-bright Insolia, to his signature "broad shouldered" Nero D'Avola, the crowd began to take notice how special these wines are. The true stars of the evening, however, were the newly released Mount Etna wines, Alta Mora, both Bianco and Rosso.

Chefs at the Columbus Club presented an equally exquisite Sicilian menu to compliment these beautiful wines. 

A Night in Brolio

The Spring rain on April 20, 2015 did not prevent wine and food lovers from seeing the Tuscan Sun blazing over Soho, as Barone Francesco Ricasoli hosted a Wine Dinner at Chef Michael White's Costata Restaurant.

Francesco presented his single vineyard "Cru" wines from Brolio, his Tuscan Estate deep in the heart of Chianti Classico, where his family have been farming and making wines since the 12th century.

Francesco also introduced his new Brunello di Montalcino, which paired very well with the delicious Costata course. Chef Michael White's team played off these iconic wines and created a true Tuscan feast that captured the hearts and appetites of this appreciative crowd. What a magical night!

Twelve Glasses on Broadway

On February 6, 2015, the Fifth Annual Tre Bicchieri Dinner was again hosted by Tony DiDio Selections at Porter House NY.

Italy's most prestigious wine accolade is awarded to just a fraction of the country's top producers. Once again, Cusumano Winery, Nino Franco and Barone Ricasoli all received the coveted prize, with unprecedented award of two "Tre Bicchieri" for Cusumano.

The sold-out crowd feasted on a four-course voyage through Italy, prepared by Chef/Owner Michael Lomonaco and his team. Winemakers Diego Cusumano, Silvia Franco and Stefano Capurso also attended this culinary event to share their insights on each of the wines featured for the evening. Wine Director Brad Nugent and his staff deftly handled the multiple amount of wines at each table, without spilling a drop.

Power of Prosecco

On January 13, 2015, Winemaker Primo Franco hosted a five-course dinner at Blue Water Grill, featuring his legendary Proseccos. Chefs Sam Hazen and Luis Jaramillo prepared a feast that complimented the elegant wines from Valdobbiadene. The sold-out crowd was treated to a memorable culinary experience. Great start for new year!

Harvest From Napa

Fall officially ushered itself on September 22, 2014 at 6:30pm, as the first corks were pulled for the Sixth Annual TDS Fall Frolic.

The sold-out crowd embraced the moment, and were treated to a Grand Tasting of the TDS Portfolio followed by a four-course dinner featuring delicious wines of Miner Family Vineyards of Napa Valley. The weather contributed to this magical night of great wine and food.

Good Day For Summer Wines

On July 11, 2014, Tony DiDio made another guest appearance on the award-winning show Good Day New York on Fox 5. This time it's all about Summer wines. The hotter weather change our drinking habit and wine choices. Tony showcased some of his Summer selections, among which are Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio, Miner Family Sauvignon Blanc, Hanzell Sebella Chardonnay, Barone Ricasoli Albia Rose and Clavesana Dolcetto. He also made pairing suggestions for each wine. Here's to Summer 2014!

Click on image above to view video clips.

Midnight in Chelsea

On June 9, 2014, Chelsea's hot new restaurant, Heartwood, was the scene of the TDS Annual Late Night Ramble.

The wine and food stars of NYC were treated to seasonal styled wines from the TDS Portfolio and an array of dazzling dishes from Chefs Bradford Thompson, Mark Fiorentino and cocktail guru/partner Nick Mautone. The wood burning oven churned out some wonderful flatbreads that paired well to the wines being poured. It was a fun industry night-out full of old and new friends enjoying and celebrating the beginning of Summer.

Chefs of the Future

On May 28 & 29, 2014, "Professor" Tony DiDio taught wine classes as guest lecturer at the International Culinary Center. The two-day seminar covered the subjects of International wines overview and wines from the prolific regions of Italy. These chefs of the future showed great enthusiasm and passion for the knowledge of wines as well as wine tasting skills. This is trully inspiring and encouraging for anyone working in the industry. Salute to the future!

Cause to Build the Future

On March 20, 2014, the Seventh Annual Premier Wine Dinner of the New York Building Foundation was hosted again by Tony DiDio at the Four Seasons Restaurant. Thanks to the generosity of Miner Family, Nino Franco, Cusumano and Barone Ricasoli, the wine dinner and auction raised a substantial sum of money, benefiting the ACE Mentor Program of NY. TDS is proud to be a part of this worthy cause, that gives assistance to young people entering the building trade. Here's to the future! 

American Bounty

On Central Park

On February 3, 2014, TDS collaborated with Porter House NYC to present a magical night of food and wine, featuring the wines of Hanzell Vineyards. Jean Arnold Sessions, President of Hanzell, warmed the crowd with a history of this iconic winery, as she presented four stunning wines from its historic cellar. Each wine was paired to Chef Lomonaco's seasonal cuisine to bring out its best elements. Despite the aftermath of another snow storm, it was truly a night of Magic on Central Park! 

Holiday Wines On

Good Day New York

On December 16, 2013, Tony DiDio made another appearance on Good Day New York show to talk about holiday wine selections as well as conducting a mini blind tasting with hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. The fun-filled segment showed the merits of great wines under $100.  

Click on image above to view video clips.

Ricasoli at SD26
On October 10, 2013, TDS and Stefano Capurso of Barone Ricasoli Winery, hosted a benefit dinner for the Gambino Medical & Science Foundation at SD 26.

Stefano presented two new stunning wines from the Ricasoli portfolio: Brolio 2011 and Brolio 2010 Reserva to a charitable crowd, who also savored Ricasoli's Castello di Brolio and Vin Santo over the four-course dinner. A true Tuscan feast combined with generosity for a worthy cause.

La Dolcetto Vita
On the evening of September 23,2013, TDS presented its 5th Annual Portfolio Tasting & Dinner at Frankies 457.  This special event drew another sold-out crowd,who sampled wines of the entire TDS Portfolio. With Anna Bracco and Tessa Donnadieu as special guest hosts this year, the hills of Dogliani came alive in New York, as three Clavesana Dolcetto wines were featured throughout the dinner. Wine, food, friends and family. It was truly La Dolcetto Vita!
Miner Family's Southern Night
When Chef John Rivers' van pulled up to the James Beard House, no one expected  to see 4 cooks, pulled pork, brisket and rock shrimp pile out.

This damp night on August 1, 2013 turned into an American revival of Babette's Feast. The kitchen churned out 7 amazing courses, each paired to perfection with Miner Family wines. Starting with the Rosato and ending with the Oracle. Napa Valley met the Brisket King and O what a night!

Charlie Bird Hits High Note
Charlie Bird, New York's uber hot restaurant, got jazzed up on July 29, 2013, for the TDS Late Night Ramble.

Some of the city's top sommeliers, chefs and restauranteurs converged on this SOHO spot till the wee hours, as they enjoyed Chef Ryan Hardy's twist on Italian fare paired with the wines from the TDS Portfolio. This great mix of people, wine and food proved to be the "high note" of the Summer.

Italy Head to Toe
On July 16, 2013, in the midst of a punishing heat wave, Red Gravy was the coolest place to be. Calling on Southern Italy as inspiration, Chef Ayesha Nurjaja prepared a five-course feast. Winemakers Diego Cusumano and Primo Franco contributed to the "cool" factor by presenting their delicious wines for the Bacchanal. Wines from Clavesana, Peter Zemmer, and Barone Ricasoli added to the festivities and wowed the sell-out crowd!

Wine on the High Sea
 From June 23 to July 3, 2013, Tony DiDio was invited to be the guest speaker and sommelier for the prestigious Oceania Cruises. Over the course of two weeks and 10 different ports on the Mediterranean, Tony led six lectures and tastings on French, Italian and Californian wines.  Oceania Cruise line is the industry leader for Wine and Food centric events. TDS is proud to participate with their exciting culinary program.   
Wine & Food Pairing
on Good Day New York
 On June 4, 2013, Tony DiDio presented wines from his international portfolio on award-winning show Good Morning New York. Tony paired the wines with the cuisine of Michelin-Star Chef Saul Bolton.
Berkeley to Brooklyn
 On June 4, 2013, Chef Saul Bolton, Hanzell Vineyards, Miner Family Vineyards and TDS paid tribute to Chez Panisse and its founder Chef Alice Waters by presenting a farm-to-table seven-course wine dinner. The sold-out crowd savored the creative dishes prepared by the talented team at Saul and delicious Californian wines of Hanzell and Miner Family. Jean Arnold Sessions, President of Hanzell Vineyards was present at the dinner and guide the guests through a tasting of her Grand Cru wines. 
A Night at The Four Seasons
 On March 21,2013, Tony DiDio Selections was honored to participate in the Annual Premier Wine Dinner for the New York Building Foundation. In the shadows of Picassos and Miros, nearly 100 of New York's most influential industry leaders enjoyed a fine dining experience at the Four Seasons Restaurant, highlighted by premier wines, including Miner Family Pinot Noir and Ricasoli Colledila. As guest host of the event, Tony DiDio led the commentary of food and wine pairings and acted as auctioneer to help raise over $100,000 for the Foundation.
Hanzell on The Ritz
 On February 1, 2013, The Ritz Carlton New York, Central Park  presented their first Wine Dinner celebrating Women and Wine.  The inaugural dinner was hosted by  Jean Arnold Sessions, President of Hanzell Vineyards. Jean warmed the crowd as she presented her award-winning wines of this artisinal gem of a winery. Wine Director Marika Vida Arnold and Tony DiDio, added to the festive night, by pairing these sublime and luscious wines to the 4 course meal created by Chef Mark Arnao of the elegant Auden Bistro.Percentage of the proceeds of dinner will benefit the Womens Shelter at Crossroads Community Services in NYC.
Carnevale at
Porter House
It might be cold and snowy the evening of January 25, 2013. But it was warm and  festive inside the private room at Porter House, as Chef Michael Lomonaco presented a Carnevale-worthy menu paired with top wines of Nino Franco, Cusumano and Barone Ricasoli. With special guest appearance of winemakers Primo Franco and Diego Cusumano, guests celebrated the magical Italian festival through beautiful wines and gourmet food. Masks included! A true Carnevale indeed!
Fall for Wine
On September 24,2012, TDS partnered with Heights Chateau to host our Fourth Annual Portfolio Tasting Dinner at Frankie's 457. This year we had the pleasure to invite winemaker Peter Zemmer to join us in presenting some of his fine creations from the Alto Adige region of Italy. Guests who attended this special event not only had the chance to taste the latest vintages of wines from TDS portfolio, but also an festive setting to mingle with other wine lovers for a night of laughter and celebration of a new season.
Pizza Power
On July 31, 2012, TDS co-hosted a pizza party at Chef Michael White's new Pizzeria Nicoletta. The late-night event was attended by some of our close friends in the food and wine trade, including restauranteur Drew Nieporent, Chefs Daniel Boulud, David Pasternak, Billy Gallagher and Saul Bolton, among others. The mouth-watering pizzas prepared by the staff at Nicoletta were celebrated with wines from the TDS portfolio. It was an intimate night filled with laughter, good cheer and friendship.
Sicily in Eataly
On June 27, 2012, a group of enthusiastic Italiaphiles gathered at Eataly for a wine tasting class featuring Cusumano wines. With "Discover Sicily" as the night's theme, Tony DiDio introduced to  the crowd ont only the history of wine production in Sicily, but more specifically, guided them through the elegant tastes of some of Cusumano winery's best creations. A Sicilian class act.  
Italian Harmony
On May 30, 2012, the famed Harmonie Club hosted "The Romance of Italy", an Italian-themed wine dinner attended by nearly 100 members. The four-course meal, paired with wines from Cusumano, Nino Franco, Barone Ricasoli and Peter Zemmer gave guests an insight into the culinary culture and history of Italy. The event also featured Italian expert Fred Plotkin's remarkable lecture on the Italian history as well as Met Opera Mezzo-Soprano Theadora Hanslowe's beautiful singing. Noi amore Italia! 

Building for A Great Cause
It was a grand night at the Four Seasons Restaurant on the evening of March 22,2012, as New York Building Foundation celebrated its annual wine dinner, hosted by Tony DiDio. The organization is a major contributor to the 911 Memorial Fund and has aided the survivors with scholarships and grants. TDS is proud to be part of their generous effort to rebuild our city. A 7-course dinner and wine auction was presided by Tony DiDio, featuring wines from Nino Franco and Barone Ricasoli. Thanks to a crowd of enthusiastic bidders,the event was a true success and raised over $100,000.
A Wine Trifecta
On February 17, 2012,  food and wine lovers gathered at Porter House to attend the Second Annual Tre Bicchieri Dinner. Hosted by Tony DiDio Selections, this special event was  to honor three of our Italian wineries for winning the prestigious Tre Bicchieri Awards. Chef Michael Lomonaco presented a special five-course menu paired with wines from Cusumano, Nino Franco and Barone Ricasoli. What's a better way to celebrate our award-winning wineries than to savor their wines over some gourmet food? 
Tastes of Italy
On January 11, 2012,  TDS co-hosted a wine dinner at i Trulli, featuring wines from Nino Franco and Cusumano Winery.  Guests who attended this special event not only were treated with a five-course feast paired with wines carefully chosen to showcase the characteristics of each wine, but also an opportunity to purchase these wines on-site from a local wine shop.

I Sapori d' Italia
On January 10, 2012,  TDS partnered with The University Club for our first wine dinner of the new year. With "I Sapori d' Italia" as the theme, the dinner featured authentic Italian cuisines prepared by the chefs at the club, paired with fine Italian wines from the TDS portfolio. We are honored to have Primo Franco of Nino Franco and Diego Cusumano of Cusumano Winery attending this event. What a way to kick off a new season!   
A Night in Sicilia
On November 14, 2011, TDS co-hosted a Sicilian Wine Dinner at Spigolo, a charming Italian restaurant in NYC. The air was filled with the aromas of Sicily, as Chef Scott Fratangelo prepared a culinary feast, this side of Palermo. Each dish was paired by Tony DiDio, with the iconic wines of Cusumano, Sicily's leading vintner.  It was a grand night of fun, food and wine...SALUTI!

Game & Grapes
On October 18, 2011, TDS organized its 2nd Wild Game Wine Dinner at the renowned Brooklyn restaurant Henry's End. Tony DiDio paired the 5-course  game menu with wines from the company's  American Portfolio: Hanzell Sebella Chardonnay, Evening Land Pinot Noir, Amapola Creek Zinfandel and Miner Family Merlot all turned out to be perfect choices for this Wild dinner event.
Fall Frolic
Frankies 457 
On September 27, 2011, TDS hosted its Third Annual Fall Frolic, a wine tasting and dinner event at Frankies Spuntino 457.  Partnered with Hights Chateau, a top wine shop in Brooklyn, this special event showcased all wines in our Portfolio. Rustic yet stylish Italian dishes were paired with delicious wines from Amapola Creek, Cusumano, Drouhin, Evening Land, Hanzell, Miner Family, Nino Franco, Barone Ricasoli. What better way to welcome a new Fall Season?
Summer at James Beard House
Many people know James Beard Foundation through the prestigious James Beard Awards, also known as the "Oscars for the food and beverage industry" of America. As an not-for-profit organization, part of the foundation's funding come from the benefit dinners at the famous James Beard House, where chefs from all over the world are invited to cook for a good cause.

On June 15,2011, TDS has the honor to participate in one such charity dinner event prepared by Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House. Guests are served with Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico at the reception while dinner courses are paired with Nino Franco's Grave di Stecca and Cusumano's Sagana Nero d' Aavola. What's better than wine & dine while supporting a great course?

Spring in Burgundy
On May 10,2011, TDS hosted a winemaker Dinner at Saul featuring some of the latest creations of Joseph Drouhin winery in Burgundy. Themed "Burgundy in Brooklyn", the dinner showcased a French menu masterfully prepared by Michelin-starred Chef Saul Bolton. TDS paired each course with an equally fantastic wine from Drouhin family. The result? A true springtime celebration of both continents.

A Great Cause
On April 30,2011, Kristen Ann Carr Fund hosted its annual benefit gala at Tribeca Grill. As the wine sponsor of this "Night to Remember", TDS has long been supporting this foundation which dedicates itself to raising fund for cancer research and improving life of cancer patients. This year, TDS also donates wines for a charity wine dinner for the silent auction. Several top musicians including Bruce Springsteen and Sting also donated items to be auctioned off at the benefit. All for a good cause.
i Trulli Great Night
On March 1, 2011, our third Late Night Ramble was in full gear, Italian style, with wines flowing, festive food and hot jazz in the air. New York's top sommeliers, chefs, and wine shop personnel filled i Trulli to sample the wonderful wines of Tony DiDio Selections and Domenico Valentino as well as the enticing dishes prepared by i Trulli.
Three Full Glasses
On February 18, 2011, our first Tre Bicchieri Wine Dinner was launched at Porter House. Three  winning wineries of the famed Tre Bicchieri Awards, namely Cusumano, Barone Ricasoli and Nino Franco presented their wines to a sold-out crowd of wine lovers.
Oh What A "Wild" Night
On November 9, 2010, TDS teamed up with Restaurant Henry's End  and Heights Chateau Wine Shop for a wine dinner featuring a "Wild Game " menu. Wines from Hanzell, Amapola Creek, Miner Family and Evening Land Vineyards were chosen to pair with exotic dishes from  Kangaroo filet to Elk chops. Guests who attended this sold-out event let their taste buds go wild.
Bountiful Brooklyn
On September 28, 2010, TDS teamed up with Heights Chateau to host its second wine dinner at Frankies 457. Themed "Fall Frolic", the event showcases all wines from TDS portfolio.

Sonoma Summit
On September 14, 2010, TDS partnered with Lure Fish Bar and California Wine Merchant to host a wine dinner featuring two of Sonoma's best: Hanzell Vineyards and Amapola Creek.
Lobster Anyone?
On July 28, 2010, TDS and Tribeca Grill co-hosted the First Annual Clambake Wine Dinner. Many wines from the TDS portfolio were chosen to pair with this true Summer feast including...what else? Losters!  Bibs and corks included!

Italy Comes to Saul

 On May 25, 2010 TDS hosted another wine dinner at Saul, featuring all Italian wines from TDS portfolio. Chef Saul Bolton wowed the crowd again with his fantastic Italian creations. Paired with fine wines handpicked by Tony DiDio, it was a night full of friends and laughter. Here are some of the fun moments of the evening.

Sicilian Wine Fest
On April 27 2010, TDS hosted a sold-out Sicilian wine dinner at the famed Sicilian Restaurant Cacio e Vino. Wines from Cusumano Winery were featured at this expertly prepared feast of Sicilian cuisines. A prefect match!
Late Night Ramble II
On April 19, 2010, TDS hosted its 2nd "Late Night Ramble" event at the Porter House. And what a night it was, filled with food, wine and a ton of industry insiders. Chef Michael Lomonaco and his team prepared some exquisite dishes for the evening, and TDS provided the top wines from our Portfolio. The room was buzzing with great Jazz, laughter and  the sound of popping corks ... hands down, this event was another smashing hit.

A Pinot Hat Trick!
A fun night, filled with wonderful food and wines to match, was had by all of the capacity crowd at Restaurant Saul. Tony DiDio and Chef Saul Bolton paired up and delivered a gastronomic masterpiece.
Buttermilk Channels Perfect Match
On March 18, 2010, TDS hosted another sold-out wine dinner at Buttermilk Channel, a new star restaurant in NYC. Working with owner Doug Crowell and chef Ryan Angulo, Tony DiDio paired the oyster-themed dinner with our All-American cast: Miner Family, Hanzell, Evening Land and Amapola Creek.