TDS Personal Services

A wine cellar skewed to your personal sipping style. Delightful wine dinners led by your very own in-house sommelier. Insider wine country tours that take you where few oenophiles have gone before. Tony DiDio Selections creates one-of-a-kind wine-centric experiences that go far and beyond cookie-cutter services.

The Stellar Cellar

Been meaning to turn that basement corner into a customized stash? Want to sip better at supper? Let TDS create customized storage options for you—whether you have an entire room for the filling, or an extra closet that seems better suited to wine racks than hangers; if your goal is to store up your options for outstanding, affordable everyday wines, or you want to build an enviable collectors’ stash suitable for Sotheby’s. Through our personal, professional assessment services, TDS will help you to decide what to buy, when to buy it, and how long you can keep it. We’ll also navigate the confusing, fast-paced world of real-time and online wine auctions, dig for the best Internet sale sources, and guide you to and through brick-and-mortar retail shops with the best selections and best deals. From easy drinking Beaujolais to lay-down Barolos, TDS will help you create a collection of wines that’s perfectly suited to your cork-popping habits.

Starting at $300

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Swirl, Sip, and Sup

There is nothing quite like that utterly unique symphony of flavor that happens when your favorite meal is brought to a whole new level via the perfectly matched glass of wine. Author of the acclaimed book, The Renaissance Guide to Wine and Food Pairing, Tony DiDio will take your next dinner party to the next level through perfect pairings designed exclusively to match your menu. From hors d’eouvres to dessert, Tony DiDio will find the wines that not only match your meal, but your budget, too. 

Or entertain your wine loving friends with a home tasting course, where Tony will personally conduct a wine tasting in your home, fun and educational lecture on how to properly assess a wine through its appearance, aroma, taste, and finish, as well as point out the little-known values of everyday drinking wines.  

Starting at $500

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Insider’s Guide to Wine Country: The Tour

Three decades of cultivating relationships with producers and winemakers everywhere from Napa to Naples has afforded Tony DiDio access to people, places, bottles, and cellars that most people would never dream of experiencing. But now he wants to share them with you. DiDio’s award-winning clients will open their vineyards, cellars, and homes, as he takes you behind the scenes to see what makes a winery work with the kind of rarefied access not available to the general public. Whether you’re a novice or an oenophile adventurer, TDS will customize and carefully plan every moment of a trip to your favorite wine region, opening the doors to the private cellars of Napa, Sonoma, Sicily, Tuscany, Alto Adige, Oregon and Burgundy like no one else can.

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